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Where it all began

At Soarin’ Design, we believe in delivering creative work that not only looks beautiful, but also serves to tell the story of a brand. If a project does not set out to meet a goal, it serves little purpose in the marketing world. For every piece of content we push out, there is an objective, strategy and purpose behind it.

Our team is the combination of two very important worlds – back-end development and brand identity. We go to great lengths to publish compelling content that is not only true to a brand, but also content that works flawlessly on any platform. The result? A seamless experience for the end user, soon to be your customer.


We believe design should be


Trends in marketing and consumer behavior are ever-changing. Our team doesn’t just know what currently works and what doesn’t. We stay ahead of the game by investing resources in professional learning so you can tell your story best.


Content needs to appeal to the intended audience. Everyone knows that. We pride ourselves on reaching out to your audience in a welcoming and compelling way.


Mobile marketing becomes more important every day. We make sure your story is told the same way whether your customers are reading from a magazine or a phone.


Whether we’re designing a printed ad or building a website, we use research-based strategies to help you connect with your audience in the most effective way possible.

“Storytelling is at the heart of everything we put our hands on. You know what it is that you do. We want your customers to understand why.”

waseem hammoud

principal and co-founder

Meet our team

  • Waseem Hammoud
    Waseem Hammoud creative director

    Waseem graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, with specialty in marketing and advertising.

    From working heavily in creative agencies and having a background in public school communications, Waseem has experience in designing, building and measuring the effectiveness of several different types of marketing material. As an account manager for Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable, Waseem has a track record for providing creative solutions that challenge the status quo and bring results.

    Fun fact: Waseem is a dedicated musician outside of the office. He plays classical piano, produces music and composes and writes sheet music in his free time.

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez layout artist &web dev

    Chris graduated from the Art Institute of Michigan with a Associates of Applied Science in Web Design and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

    With a background in front-end web development and programming before being of legal age to drive, Chris is well-versed in development languages such as CSS, HTML, JQuery, Python, WordPress and Magento.

    Having a mixed mentality of technical and creativity, Chris is able to seamlessly hop back and forth between writing a plugin and designing a flyer.

    Fun fact: Chris has a high versatility in technology, being able to hop between industries and adapting quickly. From working on blueprints to 3D modeling.

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